SNIES Code: 53181


Degree Obtained: University Professional in Finance
Level of training: University Professional
Duration: 8 semesters
Mode: Presential
SNIES Code: 53181
Qualified Registration: Resolution No.003084 of February 26, 2021, granted by MINEDUCACION
Total Credits: 144
Number of Credits I Semester: 17
Credit value Year 2024: $ 276.000
Tuition Value I Semester Year 2024: $ 4.692.000 *
Academic Space: Avenida Boyacá # 66A – 61
Contact: Jhensus Elías Carvajal Gómez
Phone: (60 1) 668 47 00, Extension: 505 – 500
E-mail: [email protected]

*The tuition fee from the second academic semester onwards will depend on the number of academic credits enrolled.

We are a University with High Quality Institutional Accreditation: Resolution 017390 of December 27, 2019 (for 4 years), granted by MINEDUCATION.


The Finance program at the U.D.C.A. will train professionals in sustainable finance to increase the value of organizations from the financial and capital markets areas, with ethical sense and social responsibility, you will obtain skills to manage, advise and provide consulting services to public and private companies at national and international level within the framework of current regulations, supported by 4.0 technologies. You will be able to benefit from national and international strategic alliances, to carry out business practices and academic exchanges, you will have the advice and support of highly qualified professors.


The purpose of the Finance Program is the generation and development of knowledge in accounting, financial and legal knowledge, based on scientific, research and technological fields, to contribute to the formation of competent professionals, with a high ethical, social and humanistic sense, protagonists of changes in public and private organizations.


The Finance Program will be a leader and expects to consolidate its position through the excellence of the academic, research, technological and social projection processes, providing ethical and qualified professionals in Finance that meet the needs of institutions, economic sectors and society.

Graduate profile

As a professional in Finance from the University of Applied and Environmental Sciences you will be able to perform with strong competencies, management and consulting skills, you will be able to perform in a globalized market economy as: Manager of your own business unit (entrepreneur), in the global environment, Director, Advisor, consultant, in the areas related to corporate finance and capital, with an integrated view of the realities of the company, markets, society and the state, Being a manager in financial areas, Being a project leader with the ability to analyze, interpret, solve and manage strategies and financial programs.