SNIES Code: 52922


Degree Obtained: University Professional in Marketing
Level of training: University Professional
Duration: 8 semesters
Mode: Classroom-based
SNIES Code: 52922
Qualified Registration: Resolution 019609 of October 20, 2020, granted by MINEDUCACION
Total credits: 144
Number of credits I Semester: 17
Credit value Year 2024: $ 276.000
Tuition Fee I Semester Year 2024: $ 4.692.000 *
Academic Space: Avenida Boyacá # 66A – 61
Contact: Jhensus Elías Carvajal Gómez
Telephone: (60 1) 668 47 00, Extension: 505 – 500
E-mail: [email protected]

*The cost of tuition from the second academic semester onwards will depend on the number of academic credits enrolled.

We are a University with High Quality Institutional Accreditation: Resolution 017390 of December 27, 2019 (for 4 years), granted by MINEDUCATION.


The professional in Marketing at the U.D.C.A. will be trained as a commercial strategist with a social and environmental sense, with the skills to direct, advise and offer consultancies to Mypimes with emphasis on the commercial area, generating innovative value proposals, supported by the management of 4.0 technologies, in their creative capacity and in the formulation and development of innovation and entrepreneurship projects. You can access strategic alliances at local, regional, national and international level, to carry out your academic and business internships and exchanges in the functions of training, research and social projection, with the advice and support of highly qualified teachers.


To guide the comprehensive training of marketing professionals with respect, solidarity, equity and responsibility that contribute to the sustainable human development of Colombian SMEs through programmes and/or projects for the marketing of products and services.


The UDCA Marketing programme will be recognised nationally and internationally for its academic excellence and for promoting the development of sustainable markets in the region and in the country through its students and graduates.

Graduate profile

As a professional in Marketing of the University of Applied and Environmental Sciences, you will be able to perform with high acquired skills, high management and consulting skills, in a globalised market economy as: Manager of your own business unit (entrepreneur), at the global level, Director, Advisor or consultant in areas related to marketing, with an integrated view of the realities of the company, markets, society and the state. – Marketing manager, project leader with the ability to analyse, interpret, resolve and manage marketing strategies and programmes, lead and manage alternative media plans by segment, strategist in digital platforms such as Community Management, among others.