Commercial Engineering

SNIES Code: 2784

Ingeniería Comercial

Degree Obtained: Commercial Engineer
Level of training: University Professional
Duration: 10 semesters
Mode: Classroom
SNIES Code: 2784
Qualified Registration: Resolution No.001033 of February 03, 2023, granted by MINEDUCACIÓN.
High Quality Accreditation: Resolution No. 001033 of February 3, 2023 (6 years).
Total Credits: 164
Number of Credits I Semester: 17
Value of credits Year 2024: $  345.000
Tuition Fee I Semester Year 2024: $ 5.865.000 *
Location: Calle 222 # 55 – 37
Contact: Jhensus Elías Carvajal Gómez
Phone: (60 1) 668 47 00, Extension: 505 – 500
E-mail: [email protected]

*The tuition fee from the second academic semester onwards will depend on the number of academic credits enrolled.

We are a University with High Quality Institutional Accreditation: Resolution 017390 of December 27, 2019 (for 4 years), granted by MINEDUCATION.


The Commercial Engineer of the U.D.C.A. with the emphases contemplated in its curriculum forms an integral, creative and innovative professional with competencies to lead and execute design and commercial management projects applying knowledge of strategic management, business consulting, innovation and entrepreneurship, in economic, business, negotiation, logistics, marketing and advertising processes, that through the use of information and communication technologies and methodologies derived from the learning of basic sciences manages to transform and design organizational systems according to the commercial process and thus solve the needs of the market in the local, regional, national and international environment. It has access to laboratories, national and international agreements for business practices, semesters abroad, research projects and social projection.


U.D.C.A.’s Commercial Engineering program trains integral professionals who, through the use of technologies and methodologies of engineering, are able to transform and design organizational systems based on the commercial process and thus meet the needs of the market.


The future Commercial Engineer will be able to evaluate research processes in order to provide a social contribution with a business approach. The Commercial Engineer will stand out as a professional who responds to the demands of the productive sector through the design of innovative processes in order to participate in the technological changes and sustainable development required by companies at national and international level.

Graduate profile

Commercial Engineering is a university training program that integrates scientific and technical knowledge in the marketing processes of organizations, in their research, creation, design, transformation, projection, analysis and decision making, to optimize the competitiveness and sustainability of companies at the national and international level.

It allows the research, creation, design, transformation, projection and analysis of products and services, the basis for the growth and development of modern companies, capable of facing the multiple transformations of phenomena such as globalization, the rational management of the environment and the accelerated commercial exchange.