International Business

SNIES Code: 52779

Negocios Internacionales

Degree Obtained: Professional in International Business
Level of training: University Professional
Duration: 8 semesters
Mode: Presential
SNIES Code: 52779
Qualified Registration: Resolution No.005123 of March 25, 2021, granted by MINEDUCACION
Total Credits: 144
Number of Credits I Semester: 17
Credit value Year 2024: $ 276.000
Tuition Fee I Semester Year 2024: $ 4.692.000 *
Location: Avenida Boyacá # 66A -61
Contact: Jhensus Elías Carvajal Gómez
Phone: (60 1) 6684700, extension: 505 – 500
E-mail: [email protected]

*The tuition fee from the second academic semester onwards will depend on the number of academic credits enrolled.

We are a University with High Quality Institutional Accreditation: Resolution 017390 of December 27, 2019 (for 4 years), granted by MINEDUCATION.


The professional in International Business of the U.D.C.A, is characterized by having strong ethical and professional convictions to serve the community and strengthen the commercial exchange with value for the country and society, empowered with the domain of the different tools and dynamics of Industry 4.0; is competent to manage international business in local, national and global environments through the structuring of business networks to strengthen the processes of organizational internationalization, under the fundamentals of fair trade. Has access to national and international agreements for the development of their academic practices under the modality of internships, semesters abroad and research projects.


The International Business program trains integral professionals, with a solid base in systemic thinking, environmental awareness and research capacity in the socio-business field, providing analysis and identifying possible routes of action to the challenges of small and medium-sized companies in their internationalization processes, in the permanent search for competitiveness in a globalized environment.


The International Business program of the U.D.C.A., will be positioned in the academic and social environment, for the suitability of its graduates, it will be a program recognized in the environment for its high quality standards for which it will work towards obtaining voluntary accreditation of the program by the National Accreditation Council.

Graduate profile

The International Business program focuses on a position that integrates international trade and business, under a scientific and investigative concept based on the theories of international trade and the new paradigms of market globalization, as well as the social, political and cultural exchange between nations, emphasizing the integral formation of the future international negotiator endowed with strong ethical and professional convictions to serve the community and strengthen the commercial exchange with value for the country and society.